Thursday , October 27 2016
Raising awareness Promoting commitment & accountability Creating self-regulation

Raising awareness among journalists at all levels about ethics and how to work professionally.

Promoting engagement and commitment from media houses to support professional journalism standards through transparency and accountability.

Creating credible forms of self-regulation within the media sectors.

The PCEJ's core mission is promotion of global best practices and appreciation for ethical journalism in Pakistan. As the secretariat of PCEJ, Rozan's goals are to promote awareness, build alliances, generate technical resources and provide support for initiatives on ethical journalism and professionalization of media in Pakistan.

The Secretariat is to :

• Act as a strategic guide, self-reflective and learning body that will help facilitate handling of ethical dilemmas through partnerships

• Facilitate endorsement of consensus code(s) of ethics by private and public institutions and professionals associated with the media through building capacity and awareness

• Act as a pressure group on behalf of civil society to stem news and information that breach universal ethical values/best professional practices.
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